The Living Word is changing. We’re moving to a brand new platform and we need you to help shape our form time prayer resources.

Each week we’ll follow the diocesan “Word of the Week” to help us focus on the liturgical year and connect with schools and parishes across the diocese.

Each week we’ll look at three different areas – all rooted in our “Word” to help us all engage with our faith and make form time prayer something that everyone can access and that everyone can enjoy

Start with Scripture

The first way we’ll break open the word is by turning to Scripture. We’ll spend time hearing from The Bible and then take time as a form to discuss and comment on what it means to us. We’ll create an active dialogue to help us truly understand what God is saying to us

Catholic Social Teaching

Each week we’ll look at the “Word” through the lense of a different aspect of Catholic Social Teaching. We might use different media, discussion questions or even form time challenges and activities to help us see how Catholic Social Teaching can inform everything we do.

Hit the Headlines

We will then us the lense of our faith to look at an event in the news, either locally or globally, and see how we can approach it from a Catholic point of view. We’ll explore what action we are called to take and what we can learn by looking at what’s going on around us.